Consulting Services

Our consulting services offering focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. Our goal is to capture value from your organization in the short term and create long-term value by evolving your value creation model and ability to execute.

gestion stratégique des ressources humaines
Performance Accelerators

Over the past 8 years, we have built and refined our consulting services offer by mastering 4 axes of value creation: Leadership and human capital – Agile strategy – Management by OKR – Proactive execution rate.

HR support

Pay equity, recruitment, skills development, psychometric assessments, coaching and HR tool developments.

Human capital

Develop an organizational culture fit for purpose and advance flexibility, innovation and competitive advantage.

Organizational Design

Organizational performance diagnosis and deploy the necessary actions to reach the full potential of your company.

Change Management

Maximize your transformation projects by implementing a change management plan,

Talent Management

Identify your human capital needs and implement practices aligned with your business priorities.


Committees and boards, essential to the proper functioning of the company but are they effective?

Leadership velocity

Today's leadership is changing and requires new skills such as agility, adaptability, change management, critical thinking and many more.

Performance measurement

Measurement, its dissemination, understanding and an action plan that manages risk and performance: a good start.


Effective teamwork, alignment and accountability, the OKR approach is used by the world's most successful companies.


Survey your teams, disseminate the results to act accordingly and invest in the right places.

Agile strategy

A promising vision, a strategy that achieves consensus and a realistic execution plan in a cycle of continuous improvement.


The success of a business transformation depends on the implementation of a global and integrated approach.

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